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Today’s technology allows us to regain and improve our weakened or lost dialog with Allah (swt). Our mobile phones, VCD and DVD players, computers and even our car stereos have settled Mp3 technology within our daily lives.

As well as reading in Arabic, to read and understand Holy Quran in our native language is inevitable necessity for all of us. Today Holy Quran is translated in almost every language. Just for English there are around 18 different text translations. It is also a great gift that there are around 3-4 different recited Mp3 versions of Holy Quran English translations for sale in the market today. wants to introduce the meaning of Holy Quran to our daily lives by making these Mp3 sound files available on the internet for free. We can all listen to Holy Quran’s translations online or download it to our computers. If your mobile phone is equipped with Mp3 technology, just download these sound files and use them in your free time. Furthermore if your car has Mp3 stereo or you have VCD- DVD players at home, you can simply download high quality sound files of Holy Quran’s translations from and make Mp3 CD’s for free.

We wish you a lifetime benefit from this service in all your free times.

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